Hubtill IOS & Android Native Scanner Apps


  • UX & UI Design
  • Mocking Up
  • User Interaction Flow
  • Icon App Design

Hubtill IOS & Android Native Scanner Apps were my first experience designing for both platforms.

The functionality of both apps is exactly the same: by using the mobile camera, to serve as substitute of the hand-held ordering scanners ( that some wholesalers provide to some of their customers. If any customer does not have one of these devices (Palmer and Harvey Hand-Held Ordering Scanners), they can benefit from Hubtill Scanner Apps to do the same task with their mobile devices.

The main task of Hubtill Scanner Apps is to scan product barcodes and create a list of products that can be ordered from the retailer's list of associated wholesalers. As quantities can be changed on-screen, each product only need to be scanned once.

Hubtill Scanner Apps are also connected with Hubtill Stocklist Web-App. This way the IOS and Android apps can also work as a scanner to create lists of products that need to be re-stocked on the front shop.

IOS Scanner App
A selection of IOS Scanner App screenshots.
Android Scanner App
A selection of Android Scanner App screenshots.
Generic User Flow Sketch
Generic user flow sketch.
Detailed User Flow
Detailed user flow.
Scanner Icon App
Icon app design process.