Hubtill Stocklist Website


  • UX & UI Design
  • Mocking Up
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript

The Stocklist website was designed to present the Stocklist web-app. The website also introduces the Native Scanner Apps while an independent mobile scanner app is designed. Another reason to present these two apps here is because they are the perfect complement to the Stocklist web-app.

Stocklist website follows Hubtill general style to put the user in contact with the look and feel of the app and to create a consistent style through the entire system.

My idea for the landing page was to not overwhelm the visitor with too much content. It just shows the necessary amount of information to make the user know where they are and what the app offers and, then, let the images do the talking. For that purpose, I made use of white space and dramatic typography with a bold statement.

The selling of the benefits of the app is done on the features section. In this section, images are revealed with subtle animations to draw the visitor attention.

Traditional elements such as call to actions were placed on the landing page and right after the features section. In the first case, the target is people with previous knowledge of the app. The second case instead, was prepared for visitors without previous knowledge of the app. The strategy followed on the second call to action was to wait until the users may be prepared to make a decision, and then to speak directly to users engaging them with a question.

Hubtill Stocklist Website Screenshot
Hubtill Stocklist website screenshot.
Hubtill Stocklist Website Sketch
Hubtill Stocklist website sketch.
Hubtill Stocklist Website Mockup
Hubtill Stocklist website mockup with Bootstrap grid.
Hubtill Stocklist Website Mockup
Hubtill Stocklist website mockup with Sketch guides.