Palmer & Harvey e-commerce platform

Palmer and Harvey ordering website screenshot
January 2016 - May 2016
UX/UI Designer & Front-End Web Developer
HTML, CSS (SCSS), Grunt & Javascript
Palmer and Harvey was a UK-based wholesaler that serviced the retail chain and convenience stores. The company was originally founded in 1925 as a traditional confectionery and tobacco wholesaler, and, after being one of the UK’s largest wholesalers, it collapsed in November 2017 (find out more here).
  • Merge Palmer and Harvey's dated (6 years old) online ordering desktop-only website, an independent mobile-only ordering website, and another ordering IOS app into a single responsive web platform that should follow the style of the main company website (Palmer and Harvey Website).
  • Screenshot of P&H old platform.
    Screenshot of P&H old platform.
  • Improve the main navigation and search.
  • Display ads in an unintrusive way.
  • Palmer & Harvey main and secondary navigation on desktop view.
    Palmer & Harvey main and secondary navigation on desktop view.
  • Design and develop a responsive marketing email template that would be later personalised with links to products and ads tailored for each individual customer.
At the time (July 2015), no other big groceries except Asda and Aldi had taken the responsive path. All of them had separate ordering systems for desktops and for mobile devices. As I had not many benchmarcks I found myself starting almost in the unknown.
  • I re-designed, prototyped and built the new Palmer and Harvey ordering platform paying special attention to main different navigation alternatives, presenting a large search box right under the logo, presenting the products and their information in a more appealing way, and adding more blank space to leave behind the previous cluttered design.
  • I designed and developed a new marketing email template.
Screenshot of marketing email.
Screenshot of marketing email.
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